Hosting options, made simple

Common Sense Tip of the Day:

It seems like everything’s moving off-premise. Hosted options are so affordable, and many hosting companies are offering really useful online tools to evaluate and manage your application. Makes perfect sense!

The task seems daunting, but we can help keep that migration simple, and will be happy to work with any hosted application provider you select. There’s no need to scrap everything and start over. We can convert existing audio to a new platform, and update the prompts that are changing in the voice you’ve already branded! You’ll save time and money!

For any help in navigating the change from premise-based to the hosted environment, just reach out to us! We’d be happy to discuss your objectives! You can reach us at or 1-800-454-6453.

Improving vs. Reinventing the wheel

“The Customer Experience.” “We have a renewed focus on the customer’s interaction.”  “We’ve changed everything to put the focus back on the customers.” “We just hired someone with this bold new idea: make your customer happy.”
We may live in a time warp, but we don’t think the target ever moved. Some limitations may make it harder to reach…but those circles are still boldly painted right over your customers.
If the technology is making the process harder, look at your other options. Is there different technology that takes the cog out of the wheel? Perhaps by migrating some functions to another form of technology, you can better fulfill your customer’s need. They’re unique individuals. Give them options!
If it’s your own processes negatively impacting the experience, change them. After all, everyone is concerned about the customer experience, so when you shine a light on that issue and explain how you can fix it, most people are pretty excited! You’ll be a star!
We can offer suggestions for increasing the clarity of, and speeding the efficiency of your automated call center applications. They’re fast and easy to implement…not act of Congress required!
And isn’t that the heart of Common Sense Solutions? If you make your customer happy, they become loyal. Loyal customers continue to generate revenue. They remember you when changing jobs and find ways to bring that positive experience with them. And, they may even introduce you where they’re the customer, because they want that experience for themselves.
Would you like to discuss some ideas? Just reach out to us by contacting your Project Manager, or by calling 1-800-454-6453.

Time for some changes?

It’s the new year, and that inevitably brings with it change. Now’s a great time to review your contact center scripts and/or audio.

Odds are there’s an old contact, different department name or expired email address lurking in there somewhere. Are you doing business in new countries? You might need some international recordings to ensure a great experience for those callers. Or maybe your main menu needs a little sprucing up, perhaps with an earcon!

And what about your queue? Are you sharing information about new products that aren’t so new anymore?

Talk to us about the many ways we can help you stay on track in 2012!  Get in touch at or 1-800-454-6453.

Please listen carefully

When you find yourself compelled to add a line such as “Please listen carefully before selecting from the following three options” to your verbiage, stop and ask yourself why?

Is it because you feel your callers instinctively ask for a representative, rather than try to use the automated system? Perhaps they’re confused by the language they hear when they do listen to the options. Or, maybe you’re just using the phrase out of habit.

We find that in most cases the issue can be resolved with the help of your project manager. They’ll work with you to determine if your callers’ options appear in the most effective order, that you’re not overloading them with confusing jargon, and what to do when the caller selects” none of the above.”

Just ask us about these and more ideas to create an efficient and positive call center experience! We’d be happy to discuss your concerns. Contact us at or 1-800-454-6453.