Voice Talent Spotlight – Genevieve

Gen is our resident voice-over superstar. You can hear her voice from coast to coast and internationally on Radio and TV, e-learning and, of course, phone systems. If you’re lucky, you might have even found her unique sound falling from the lips of an animated octopus (wait, do they even have lips?). Gen spends her days working full-time from her recording studio in Northwest Arkansas, where she raises and rides horses, ducks and chickens (although the ducks and chickens do protest quite a bit). She is an accomplished equestrian who, of course, learned to ride before she learned to stand! Gen has an acting background which gives her a very wide range to nail just the read you’re looking for. Her energy and wit add a lot of credibility to any persona she’s voicing. Give Gen’s demo a listen!

Voice Talent Spotlight – Casey

Warm, friendly and professional…Casey understands what listeners need to hear. She lives in Charlotte, NC and is a public relations practitioner and writes for a living, as well as lends her voice to audio recordings, such as narration, web audio and phone system messaging. In her former life, she was a radio and television news reporter; and then managed public relations programs for Sea World of Florida. One of her favorite memories is taking penguins to New York City to be on Good Morning America. On a personal note, Casey is a songwriter and musician. She says songwriting is better than therapy. Casey is also a nature photographer and is currently going through yoga teacher training. She likes to mix things up a bit. It keeps life interesting.

Voice Talent Spotlight–Kathleen

Kathleen Gonzales has been acting for the past 19 years and has been acting professionally for the last 12 of those years in theatre, film and voice over. She has completed voice overs for various organizations and companies in non-broadcast and broadcast work playing on both radio and television. For Walsh Media, she’s our go-to female talent for Haitian-Creole. When she’s not working, Kathleen enjoys playing board games with her very competitive family members, salsa dancing & playing with her floppy eared beagle Buddy.

Check her out!!

Voice Talent Spotlight – Eve

Eve has paid her dues! A former flight attendant, commercial insurance underwriter and wealth management associate, Eve found her voiceover career nearly 8 years ago and is committed to improving her trade by taking a class every semester. She, along with her husband and 2 daughters, lives near Montreal, Quebec, where she likes to read, write poetry, go to the theatre and listen to jazz.

Check out this French Canadian talent!