Voice Talent Spotlight – Andy

Winning people over with his boyish charm and his intelligent and casual demeanor, Andrew brings a breath fresh air to the microphone. He’s an up and comer with a solid background all across the voiceover board, having done videogames, animation, commercials, audiobooks and ADR. When not on the mic, Andrew is hittin’ the swing dance floor with crazy lindy hop moves.

Check him out!!

Voice Talent Spotlight – Karen

Karen’s been lucky enough to meet wild Rock Stars, as well as laid-back Country Performers, in her decades of work in Radio in the Midwest and New York. Now, she prefers watching them on TV from the comfort of her Chicagoland home while solving Sudoku puzzles. After being forced to move every year of her young life as the daughter of an Air Force Colonel, Karen can talk to anyone and sound friendly. Her friendly, caring voice coupled with her years of voice experience make her the perfect match for your customer service application.

Voice Talent Spotlight – Gabriella

Bringing a truly global set of skills to the table, Gabriella is one of our tri-lingual voice talent. Fluent in English, Spanish and Greek, Gabriella is well-traveled, throughout Europe and Mexico, allowing her to pick up an array of dialects and accents along the way. A love of theater, opera and film is evident in her vocal flexibility, as she displays a wide range of intonation and inflection to make sure you get exactly the read you’re looking for. She brings years of experience and a professional work ethic to every session, which shines through in the end product. In her spare time, Gabriella is a huge sports fan, following basketball, hockey, tennis and soccer all over the world. Whether you need English, Spanish, Greek or all three, you need it done right. You need to check out Gabriella’s demo.

Voice Talent Spotlight – Paul

Paul has been making money with his voice for over 20 years locally in Chicagoland and globally through Walsh Media. He’s a huge music fan with a wide range of favorites, from Jazz and American Standards to 1960s British Pop and psychedelics. He jokes about his radio career that took him from now legendary metal station WVVX in Highland Park to a gig downtown at WJJD where he played standards like Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis. His line is, “I went from Megadeth to Mathis!” Paul’s great sense of humor is part of what makes him a pleasure to work with. He brings non-stop energy to every session and the results are spectacular. His voice is warm, approachable and comforting, which pairs well with his clear delivery. If you’re looking for a U.S. English, Male voice talent that is a joy to work with, Paul is your guy.