Voice Talent Spotlight – Talon

The perfect blend of cool and fun…that’s Talon. No wonder companies like Johnsonville and Red Lobster have signed him to record spots for them! He’s been a voice over actor for over 10 years as well as an accomplished singer too! What sets Talon apart from the rest is that he also coaches voice talent as well! Living it up in sunny southern California, you know he’ll be watching and rooting every game for Da Bears! Check him out!!

Voice Talent Spotlight – Andi

Tried and True, Cubbie Blue describes Andi to a tee! She’s been a lifelong Chicagoan who occasionally craves the warmth of the Caribbean. When asked how she spends her free time, Andi will tell you, "chasing two boys: my husband and my son…oh, and our boxer." She’s clearly a baseball fan, roots for whatever team her son is on at the time, and enjoys golf, cooking, and cartoons. Since we’ve known her a long time, we can also tell you she’s major social butterfly who loves being around people! Andi spent a decade working full time in radio as a DJ, morning side-kick, entertainment reporter…you name it! She still keeps one foot in radio, but now focuses on voice work, and her career in the medical community bringing people medicines to help improve the quality of their life. She finds it very rewarding. Why not check out some of Andi’s work!

Voice Talent Spotlight – Anne

Anne is one of the longest-tenured voice talent at Walsh Media, having been with the company since 1987. A self-described, “former radio babe,” Anne was born in the Motor City, but is a long-time Chicagoan. When she’s not voicing work for the Fortune 50, Anne works as an independent information professional (or as she puts it, “librarian for hire”). It’s no accident then that helping people find what they’re looking for, whether in a library collection or your company’s automated customer service environment is something Anne shines at. Her warm, friendly yet professional tone personalizes the customer experience. In her spare time Anne is an avid gardener and mom of a middle-schooler. She also serves as reluctant caretaker of the 114 chipmunks she claims are squatting in her yard.

Voice Talent Spotlight – Mary

Mary has been guiding Chicagoans through traffic jams for years on the radio. With Walsh Media, she’s been guiding callers through customer service applications, using her friendly and confident tone to make your customers feel at ease. This married mom of three stays busy coaching elementary school track, dancing jazz, tap, ballroom and Zumba, as well as cross-stitching and sewing. When your system needs a consistent, confident, wholesome female voice, check out Mary’s demo.