Help us, help you!


Back in 2011, Walsh Media moved to a new office on a different floor.  Despite correspondence sent out regarding our move and the new suite number, we are still noticing some mail addressed to our old location. As mail forwarding has now expired, mail addressed to our old suite number is being returned to its sender.

So – we are asking for your assistance!  Please verify that your records show our correct address – and if you could also make sure that your Accounts Payable department has our correct address and suite number on file, we would appreciate it.  The correct address appears below:

Walsh Media, Inc.
2100 Clearwater Drive
Suite 300
Oak Brook IL  60523

In our efforts to maintain the highest level of service, we want to make sure that any correspondence received from our clients is handled in the most efficient manner possible…and that any payments received are applied/processed immediately.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in this matter! 

Voice Talent search engine update!

Now, finding a needle in a haystack has gotten a little bit easier on our homepage! Walsh Media, Inc. Green RoomIf you’re looking for a more sophisticated sort of your options, just go to and click “Voice Talent” to check out our new Green Room! You can search by talent name if you already know who you’re looking for. You can also select any variety of variables under gender, tone and language to find the right combination for you. Of course, we’re standing by if you need a hand.
In the future, the Green Room will also allow you to save your favorites for easy review any time!  We’d love to know what you think of the changes. Drop us a line!